About the artist....

“From the time I was a small child, all I wanted to do was ride a horse.  I wanted to own it, ride it, hug it, and sleep with it.  So, Grandma came up with the idea of riding lessons when I was six, and that cemented my devotion.  When I wasn’t on a horse, I was drawing one.  The rest of my life has been spent in pursuit of both.  Now, painting critters is my profession, and riding is my passion.”

Claudia Coleman has painted horses and dogs for over 40 years with her experiences taking her far and wide. Her paintings hang in four countries and she is represented in our own Art in Embassies program plus numerous private and public collections. A rider and follower of hounds herself, her hunting pieces reflect a thorough understanding of the sport and the countryside.

An educational background that included studies in Europe combined emphasis on biology and art and the melding of both is apparent in her attention to detail. With no formal art training but encouragement from her mother, an artist, she has made a life long career of equestrian and related art.

Born in North Carolina she returned several years ago to make it her permanent home with her beloved gray horse Yo Yo and her Australian Terriers. She also is an avid banjo picker.

For an in depth article on Claudia, read the text from a feature article in the January 2006 issue of The Canine Chronicle by Jessica Jahiel.

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